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1. Black colour code in triage system stands for ? Dead/moribund

2. Reversed cold chain is used for ? Transport of stool sample from periphery to lab

3. Kata thermometer is used for ? Air velocity & cooling power of air

4. First step in investigating an epidemic is ? Verification of diagnosis

5. Population covered by PHC under tribal area ? 20, 000

6. 3 months training in PSM was proposed by ? Bhore committee

7. Expectation of life, free of disability is ? Sullivan index

8. Community health centre covers a population of ? 1.2 Lakhs

9. Disinfecting action of chlorine (chlorination) is due to ? Hypochlorous acid

10. Most reliable bacteriological indicator of water pollution ? E. coli

11. Active form of vitamin D is ? 1, 25-dihydroxy-Cholecalciferol/ Calcitriol

12. Cereals provided in mid day meal is ? 75 mg

13. Wernicke’s encephalopathy results due to deficiency of ? Thiamine (B1)

14. Vitamin K is required for ? Post-translation modification of clotting factors

15. Bitots spots are due to deficiency of ? Vitamin A

16. Pellagra is due to deficiency of ? Niacin

17. Exclusive breast feeding should be carried upto ? 6 months

18. Most common cause of maternal mortality in India ? Hemorhhage

19. Incubation period of measles ? 10-14 days

20. Causative agent for kala azar ? Leishmania donovani

21. Dengue is transmitted by ? Aedes mosquito

22. Diluent for BCG vaccine ? Normal saline

23. Case fatality rate indicates ? Severity of disease

24. Sentinel surveillance is done to detect ? Missing cases

25. Sensitivity of a test indicates ? True positive

26. Education, occupation & income are considered in ? Kuppuswamy Index

27. Repeatedly occurring value (biostatistics) is known as ?  Mode

28. Smoking regulation in cancer prevention comes  ? Under primordial prevention

29. Bleaching powder contains ? 33% of available chlorine

30. Residual chlorine is found out by ? Ortho-toludine test

31. In problem village, water is available at a depth below  ? 15 meters

32. Acceptable level of noise in hospital is ? 20-35 dB

33. Sling psychrometer is used for measuring ? Humidity of air

34. Number of flea per rat is known as  ? Total flea index

35. Rich source of calcium ? Ragi, Dates

36. Mottling of teeth’s can be a manifestation of excess ? Fluoride in water

37. Epidemic dropsy is due to adulteration of mustard oil with ? Argemone oil

38. Relative risk can be calculated from ? Cohort studies

39. Vaccine stored in freezer compartment of fridge ? Measles, Yellow fever

40. Food poisoning after consumption of fried rice is due to ? Bacillus cereus

41. Acrodermatitis enteropathica responds dramatically to ? Zinc

42. Major changes in antigenicity of influenza virus is known as ? Antigenic shift

43. Schuffner’s dots is a feature of plasmodium ? Vivax

44. Infective form of malaria ? Sporozoite

45. Causative agent for cutaneous leishmaniasis ? Leishmania tropica

46. Anton test is done for ? Listeria monocytogenes

47. Epidemic typhus is spread by ? Louse

48. Malignant pustule is associated with ? Cutaneous anthrax

49. Headquarter of UNICEF ? New York

50. Toxin in kesari dal/Lathyrus sativus ? BOAA

51. ASHA worker works for a population of ? 1000

52. MC indirect cause of maternal mortality ? Anemia

53. Obstetrics care will mostly affect which ‘mortality rate’ ? Perinatal mortality rate

54. Which disease is considered as ‘Father of public health’ ?  Cholera

55. Pearl index is used for calculating  ? Contraceptive failure

56. Value of PQLI ranges between ? 0-100

57. Denominator for calculating maternal mortality rate ? 1,00,000 live births

58. In disaster management triage, patients who need surgery within 24 hours are categorized under which color category ? Yellow (blue)

59. Multipurpose worker scheme was implemented in India with the recommendation of which committee ? Kartar singh

60. Anti-retroviral therapy is initiated, if the CD4 count falls below ? 350


1 Concept of Id, ego,super egoOedipus complex ,Psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud(Born on 6thMay 1856in Vienna, Austria)

2.The mechanisms ofdefence of the ego andconcept of PlayTherapy? Anna Freud

3.Coined the termpsychology? Gockel

4.Coined the wordneurosis? William Cullen

5.Coined the termsintrovert and extrovert? Carl Jung

6.Coined the wordhypnosis? James Braid

7.Inferiority complex orIndividual psychology? Alfred Adler

8.Concet of CollectiveunconsciousAnd Analyticalpsychology? Carl Jung

9.Moral treatment ofmentally ill? Philippe Pinel

10.Father of behaviourism? Watson

11.Father of Forensicpsychiatry? Paolo Zacchia

12.Father ofPsychosomaticmedicine? Franz Alexander

13.Founder ofbehaviourism? John Watson

14.Cognitive developmentof children (Stages oflife)? Jean Piaget

15.DevelopmentalPsychology? Erik Erikson

16.Existential analysis? Binswanger

17.Transactional analysis? Eric Berne

18.Will therapy or BirthTrauma theory? Otto Rank

19.Psychodrama? Jacob Moreno

20.Client-centred therapy? Carl Rogers

21.Morbid jealousy is seenwith? Alcohol

22.Disorientation occurs in? Organic MentalDisorders

23.Formal thought disorderare seen in Schizophrenia? Loosening ofassociations

24.False perception withoutexternal stimulus? Hallucination

25.Irresistible urge to moveabout with innerrestlessness? Akathisia

26.A period of normalcybetween two psychoticepisodes is a feature of? Manic depressivepsychosis

27.Ambivalence is commonin? Schizophrenia

28.Neologism ischaracteristically seen in? Schizophrenia

29.Perseveration is? Persistent,inappropriaterepetition of thoughts

30.Catatonia may be seenin? Schizophrenia,Organic brain syndromes, Depression

31.For mal thought disorders are characteristic of? Schizophrenia

32.Best test for bed-side diagnosis of organic mental disorders? Bender Gestalt test

33.Confabulation is adisorder of? Memory

34.Delusion is a disorder of? Thinking

35.Hallucination is adisorder of? Perception

36.Predominant defencemechanisms in OCD? Isolation, Undoing,Reaction formation

37.Defence mechanisms inphobic neurosis?Symbolization, Displacement

38.Post traumatic stress syndrome is due to? Major life threatening events

39.Neurotransmitterinvolved in OCD? Serotonin

40.OCD is most oftencomplicated by? Depression

41.Panic attack is manifested by (which differentiates it from thyrotoxicosis)? Cold, clammy hands

42.Psychosurgery ofchoice for OCD? Cingulotomy

43.Desensitization therapyis used for? Phobic disorders

44.Psychotherapy in OCD? Exposure andResponse PreventionClonazepam,Alprazolam

45.Drug that has potent serotonin reuptake inhibition properties in addition to being a TCA and hence used in OCD? Clomipramine

46.Cortisol and ACTHexcess may cause? Depression withparanoid ideation

47.Unipolar depression ismost common in? Females

48.A combination of bothmanic and depressivesymptoms in the sameepisode is known as? Dysphoric mania orMixed mania

49.Neurotransmittersinvolved in depressionare? Decreasedcatecholamines,Increased GABA

50.Drug commonly usedin cases of refractorydepression as anaugmenting agent? Lithium

51.Psychiatric disorderseen in premenstrualsyndrome? PremenstrualDysphoric disorder

52.Lithium carbonate istreatment of choice for? Bipolar I Disorder(MDP) prophylaxis

53.Drugs used for theprophylaxis of MDP(Bipolar I Disorder)? Lithium, Valproate,Carbamazepine

54.Drugs of choice fordepression in the elderly? SSRI like Fluoxetine

55.Drug of choice forrapid cycling mooddisorder? Sodium valproate

56.Inability to enjoypreviously pleasurableactivities (seen indepression) is called? Anhedonia

57.Delusions of nihilismand early morninginsomnia are features of? Major depression

58.Disorder characterizedby nihilistic delusions? Cotard’s syndrome

59.Nocturnal enuresis, truancy, antisocial behaviour, promiscuity, substance abuse are examples of? Depressive equivalents

60.Disorder seen in children who are separated from their parents because of reasons like death, prolonged hospitalization, etc? Anaclitic depression

61.Depressive mood that is not easily apparent and hidden by somatic symptoms? Masked Depression

62.TCA poisoningresembles? Atropine poisoning

63.Dry mouth during antidepressant therapy is due to blockade of? Muscarinic receptors

64.Mechanism of action offluoxetine? Serotonin reuptakeinhibitor

65.Antidepressant associated with tardive dyskinesia and neuroleptic malignant syndrome? Amoxapine

66.Drug with both antipsychotic and antidepressant effects? Amoxapine

67.Mechanism of action ofTianeptine? Norepinephrine andselective serotoninreuptake enhancer

68.Tetracyclic, selectivenoradrenaline uptakeinhibitor? Maprotiline

69.Specific MAOBinhibitor used only inParkinson’s disease? Selegiline

70.Specific MAOAinhibitor? Clorgyline

71.Adverse effects withirreversible MAOI? Tyramine– inducedhypertensive crisis(Cheese - reaction)

72.A newer anti-obesitydrug? Sibutramime

73.Anxiolytic withantidepressant action? Alprazolam

74.Beta-blockers areindicated in? Anxiety

75.Somatization Disorderassociated withhistrionic personality? Briquet’s syndrome


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