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Published on May 29, 2019, 11:03 a.m.

1. Joule burns are also known as ? Electrocution bums

2. MC type of fingerprints ? Loops

3. Rigor mortis first appears in ? Myocardium (involuntary)

4. Brush burn is a type of ? Graze/ abrasions

5. Tentative cuts are seen in ? Suicidal wounds

6. Lacerated wounds over bony prominences are known as ? Incised looking wounds

7. Abraded collar/ grease collar is associated with ? Gunshot entry wounds

8. Cause of death in cafe coronary ? Asphyxia and cardiac arrest

9. Le facies sympathique is seen in ? Hanging

10. Gettlers test is done for ? Drowning

11. Pugilistic attitude is seen in ? Burns

12. Widmark formula is employed for ? Alcohol

13. Shaking palsy is associated with which poison ? Mercury

14. Poison which retards putrefaction ?  Arsenic, carbolic acid

15. Marsh test is done for which poisoning ? Arsenic poisoning

16. Burtonian line is associated with which poison ? Lead poisoning

17. Sea snake venom is ? Myotoxic

18. Last organ to putrefy in females ? Non-gravid uterus

19. Most important sign of strangulation ? Ligature mark

20. Magnan symptom is seen with which poison ? Cocaine posoning

21. Inquest in dowry death is carried out by ? Magistrate

22. Travel expenses paid to witness is known as ? Conduct money

23. Arborescent burns are seen in ? Lightening burns

24. Best agent to treat methanol poisoning ? Ethanol

25. Arsenic poisoning mimics ? Cholera

26. Bodily injury caused by husband or relative, which lead to death of a woman comes under which IPC ? 304-B

27. Acrodynia is associated with which poison ? Mercury

28. Cruel behaviour of husband, family members or relatives towards a woman comes under which IPC ? 498-A

29. Inquest into a case of dowry death is done by ? Magistrate

30. Brush burn is also known as G? raze abrasion

31. MC cause of death in drowning ? Cardiac arrest

32. Teeth bite marks are which type of abrasions ? Pressure abrasion

33. In which poisoning, CSF needs to be preserved ? Alcohol

34. Pugilistic attitude is seen in death due to ? Burns

35. When two bullets are ejected after one another in succession, it is ? Tandem bullets

36. Color of bruise on 2-4 day of injury ? Bluish black/ dark blue to brown

37. Gastric lavage is contraindicated in ? Kerosene or volatile poisoning

38. Antidote for phosphorous poisoning ? Copper sulphate

39. Toxicity of sea snake is ? Myotoxic

40. Florence test is done for which body fluid ? Semen

41. Incessant sexual desire in a male is known as ? Satyriasis (nymphomania in female)

42. Tentative cuts are seen in ? Suicide

43. Punishment in rape cases is for minimum of ? 7 years

44. Tailing of a wound helps in judging the ? Direction of injury

45. Which of the regions is involved in whiplash injury ? Cervical spine

46. Peeling of skin is known as ? Degloving injury

47. Paltauf’s hemorrhage is seen in ? Drowning

48. Le facies expression is due to ? Hanging

49. Most common type of inquest in India ? Police

50. Magistrate inquest is done in ? Custodial death

51. More damage to cervical spine can be done by which type of injury ? Hyperextension

52. Whiplash injury is related to which part of body ? Cervical spine

53. Diatoms (mesohalophilic) lives in water which is ? Midway in salinity between freshwater and seawater (brackish water)

54. Presence of soot in respiratory passage is suggestive of ?  Ante-mortem burns

55. Which part of the plant is more poisonous in aconite poisoning ? Root

56. Hippus is a feature of ? Aconite poisoning

57. Who appoints first class magistrate  ? State government

58. Cheiloscopy is done for ? Personal identification

59. Example of spinal poison ? Strychnine

60. Colour changes in a large bruise starts from which part of bruise ? Periphery

61. Test done to assess lung maturity ? Fodere test

62. Hydrostatic test is useful for ? Infanticide

63. Sodium thiosulfate is used as an antidote for ? Cyanide poisoning

64. Rigor mortis first starts in ? Involunatry muscles of myocardium

65. Immediate cause of death is mentioned in which column of death certificate ? la

66. Colour of post-mortem lividity in carbon monoxide poisoning ? Cherry red

67. Feature of cobra ? Binocellate marks

68. Organ which putrefies last in male ? Prostate (bone is last to putrefy in both genders)

69. Colour of bruise on 9th day is ? Yellow (because of bilirubin)

70. In drowning, which test is done ? Gettler

71. Galton system is related to ? Dactylography

51. Onset of puerperal sepsis usually occurs between? 3rd to 6th day after delivery

52. Most common cause of acute mastitis in puerperium? Staphylococcus aureus

53. Breast abscess should be drained under? General anaesthesia

54. Most common organ to undergo sub-involution? Uterus

55. White leg of pregnancy is due to pelvic thrombophlebitis of? Iliofemoral veins (Phlegmasia alba- dolens)

56. Most common cause of pulmonary embolism? Deep venous thrombosis

57. Absence of end diastolic frequency in the umbi- lical artery in doppler ultrasound indicates? Compromised foetus which should be delivered immediately

58. Tests of lung maturity in amniotic fluid are? Lecithin: sphingo- myelin ratio > 2

59. Tests of lung maturity in amniotic fluid are? Saturated lecithin > 500 mg/dl Foam stability index > 0.48 Optical density > 0.15

60. Most accurate test for fetal maturity? Analysis of amniotic fluid

61. Most reliable indicator of lung maturity? Phosphatidyl glycerol

62. Lunago hair first disappears from? Face

63. Meconium in newborn is usually passed within? 12hrs

64. Ammonia dermatitis is more common in? Artificially fed babies

65. Perianal dermatitis can be cured by? Substituting glucose with lactose

66. Doubling of birth weight in infants is achieved by? 5 months

67. Infant triples his birth  weight by? End of 1 year

68. Retrolental fibroplasia in childhood is due to? High concentration of oxygen

69. Early clamping of the cord in premature infants prevents? Hypervolemia and hyper- bilirubinemia

70. Clinical manifestations of idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome appears? 4-6 hours after birt

71. Physiological jaundice of newborn appears by? 2nd or 3rd day (since peak level of bilirubin is reached at this time)

72. Breast milk is contraindicated in babies born with? Galactosemia

73. Antibodies formed in maternal circulation against fetal ABO group antigens are? IgG in nature

74. Critical level of hyperbilirubinaemia in kernicterus is? 15-20 mg%

75. Haemorrhagic disease of newborn is most common in? Preterm babies and breast fed babies

76. Photo therapy is advo- cated when bilirubin level rises above? 12 mg% (in normal weight babies)

77. Sternomastoid tumor usually disappears by? 6 months of age

78. Most common cause of ophthalmia neonatorum is? Chlamydia trachomatis

79. Most common cause of pemphigus neonatorum is? Staphylococcus aureus

80. Blisters on palms, soles and trunk appear in? Congenital syphilis

81. Most common cause of umbilical sepsis? Staphylococcus, E. coli

82. Portal of entry in tetanus neonatorum is? Umbilical cord

83. Anaemia in newborn is diagnosed when cord blood haemoglobin is less than? 14 gm%

84. M|econium ileus is seen in babies with? Fibrocystic disease of pancreas

85. Most common site of diaphragmatic hernia? Left side

86. Duodenal atresia is common in babies born of mothers with? Hydramnios, IUGR and Mongols, DM

87. Follicular ovarian cyst arises due to? Failure of rupture of follicle

88. Follicular cysts are usually? Unilateral

89. Corpus luteal cyst forms due to? Failure of regression of corpus luteum in 14 days

90. Corpus luteal cyst can cause? Delayed menses

91. The calutein cysts result from? Abnormally high serum -HCG?

92. Half life of LH is? 30 minutes

93. Main source of progesterone in females? Corpus luteum

94. Premenstrual tension is experienced? 7-10 days before bleeding

95. The ca cells produce testosterone under influence of? LH

96. Liquor folliculi contains the hormones? FSH, LH, prolactin, estradiol, progesterone, androgen

97. Life span of corpus luteum of menstruation is? 12-14 days

98. LH peak occurs about? 12 hours before ovulation

99. Pituitary infantilism is known as? Lorain’s syndrome

100. Adiposity with striae is seen in? Cushing’s syndrome


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