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123. Clozapine is which class drug ? Atypical antipsychotic

124. Drug used in spasticity ? Baclofen

125. Side effect of propranolol on fetus ? Intrauterine growth retardation

126. Mechanism of action of argatroban ? Acts on factor II

127. Drug of choice of malaria in pregnancy ? Chloroquine

128. Drugs which are inactive but converted into an active metabolite within the body ? Prodrugs

129. Vitamin K antagonist drug ? Warfarin

130. Recommended dose of DEC in filariasis ? 6 mg/ kg/ day

131. Most common atypical antipsychotic associated with lipodystrophy ? Clozapine

132. Serious side-effect of clozapine ? Agranulocytosis

133. Use of paclitaxel ? Radio-sensitizer used in head-neck surgeries

134. Mechanism of action of fulvestrant ? Selective estrogen receptor downregulator

135. A patient developing resistance to INH will also develop resistance against which ATT ? None

136. Metabolism of INH is by ? Acetylation

137. Use of ramelteon ? Circadian disruptions induced by shift work and jet lag

138. Most important side effect of amphotericin-B ? Nephrotoxicity

139. Digoxin toxicity is precipitated by ? Hypercalcemia and hypoklaemia

140. Side-effect of ethacrynic acid ? Ototoxicity

141. Mechanism of action of Bevacizumab ? Binds to VEGF-A receptor

142. M2 parasympathetic receptors are present on which organ ? Heart

143. Mechanism of action of methotrexate ? Inhibits dihydrofolate reductase

144. Spironolactone should not be used with ? ACE inhibitors (both causes


145. How toxicity of amphotericin-B can be reduced ? Using liposomal preparation

1. Glycosuria in pregnancy is most common in? Mid pregnancy

2. Gestational diabetes is likely if there is history of child birth with birth weight? 4 Kgs or more

3. Gestational diabetes is more common in patients with age? More than 30 years

4. Priscilla White’s classification is given for? Pregnant diabetics

5. The insulin requirement in pregnancy? Increases

6. Commonest maternal infection in diabetics is? UTI

7. Most specific anomaly in infants of diabetic mothers? Caudal regression syndrome

8. Post -prandial blood glucose level indicating insulin therapy is? More than 125 mg%

9. The insulin of choice in pregnancy is? Plain insulin

10. Anaesthesia of choice for caesarean section in pregnant diabetics is? Epidural anaesthesia

11. Increased incidence of single umbilical artery is found in? Foetus of diabetic mothers

12. Acute Pyelonephritis in pregnancy is more common on? Right side

13. Significant bacteriuria denotes bacteria of? 105/ml in urine

14. Most common organism found in asymptomatic bacteriuria? E.coli

15. Most maternal deaths in SLE occurs in? Puerperium

16. New born babies with complete heart block are found in? Patients with SLE

17. Highly specific test for SLE? Anti-ds DNAantibodies

18. Commonest preventable cause of maternal mortality? Anaemia in pregnancy

19. Insulin resistance in pregnancy is due to placental production of? HPL, estrogen,cortisol,progesterone

20. Commonest cause of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy in India? Malnutrition

21. Sickle cell anaemia in fetus can be diagnosed by? Chorionic villi biopsy

22. Sudden loss of vision in diabetic retinopathy is due to? Vitreous Haemorrhage

23. IV ergometrine following delivery of anterior shoulder of baby is withheld in? Eclampsia,Pre-Elampsia,Heart disease,Multiple gestation

24. Cardiac failure in pregnancy occurs between? 30 to 32 weeks andimmediate post partum

25. Cause of maternal death in cardiac disease in pregnancy? Pulmonary edema

26. Best temporary method of contraception in heartdisease? Vasectomy

27. Tubectomy in patients with heart disease should be done under? Local anaesthesia

28. Cardiac disorder improves in pregnancy? MVP

29. Patients with Marfan’s syndrome should be prophylactically given? Beta blockers

30. Warfarin embryopathy is also called as? Conradi syndrome

31. Commonest cardiac lesion in pregnancy is of? Rheumatic origin

32. Usual time of maternal death due to cardiac disease in pregnancy is? 32 weeks due to peak haemodynamic changes

33. Breast feeding in pregnancy with heart disease is contraindicated only in? CCF

34. Breast feeding in pregnancy with heart disease is contraindicated only in? NYHA Grade III-IVlesions

35. Best time of valvotomy in pregnancy with cardiac lesion? 14-18 weeks

36. The anti-hypertensive agents contraindicated inpregnancy? ACE inhibitors

37. Termination of pregnancy indicated in? Primary pulmonary hypertension

38. Termination of pregnancy indicated in? Eisenmenger’s syndrome

39. Termination of pregnancy indicated in? Marfan’s syndrome

40. Commonest causeRisk? Thyroid stimulating Ab

41. The drug of choice for thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy? Propyl thiouracil

42. All coagulation factors are increased in pregnancy except? Factor XI and XIII and Antithrombin-III

43. Lupus anti-coagulants in pregnancy causes? Still birth with placental venous thrombosis

44. DIC in pregnancy occurs due to? Abruptio placentae,retained dead fetus,amniotic fluidembolism, fulminant pre-eclampsia

45. Serum cholesterol level during pregnancy is? Increased

46. Fetal abnormalities associated with epilepsy in the mother are? Cardiac or cranio- facial anomalies

47. Heart disease in mother most commonly associated with fetal loss? Cyanotic heart disease

48. Contraindications to epidural analgesia includes? Sepsis at the site of injection,haemorrhagicdisease,anticoagulanttherapy, supinehypotension,neurological disease,Aortic stenosis,Eisenmenger’ssyndrome,Intracardiac shunts

49. Pudendal nerve block is mostly used for? Forceps and vaginal breech delivery

50. Worst maternal prognosis occurs in Hepatitis E? 80% mortality.

51. Cause of maternal mortality in Hep E? Hepatic Encephalopathy.

52. Most common symptom in Cholestasis? Pruritus.

53. Drugs used in Cholestasis? Cholestyramine Ursode- xoxycholic acid

54. Drugs of choice for APLA syndrome in pregnancy? Aspirin & LMW Heparin.

55. Major maternal risk in ITP? PPH or episotomyhematomas.

56. Drugs of choice in ITP? Prednisolone & IG.

57. Hemolytic uremic syndrome? Along withneurologic manifestations

58. Commonest valvular heart disease in pregnancy? MS

56. FORCEPSEach Blade? 2 curves Cephalic (Fetal head)Pelvic (Birth canal)

57. FORCEPSShanks? Parallel (Simpson’s)Crossing (Tucker-McLane)

58. FORCEPSLock? English (Simpson’s)French (Tarnier)Sliding (Kielland’s)

59. During pregnancy themobility at sacroiliacjoints is due to? Influence ofprogesterone andrelaxin

60. False pelvis is separatedfrom the true pelvis by? Pelvic Inlet

61. The plane of maximumdiameter of pelvic cavitypasses through? S2 – S3 junction

62. Distance between theischial spines? 10.5 cms

63. Anterior fontanellebecomes ossified by? 18 months of age

64. Localized swelling of thescalp formed by theeffusion of serum? Caputsuccedaneum

65. Relationship of long axisof fetus to that of mother? Lie

66. An arbitrarily bony fixedpoint on the presenting partof fetus? Denominator

67. The part of the fetus thatlies over the inlet? Presentation

68. The relationship ofpresenting part to animaginary line drawnbetween ischial spines? Station

69. Posterior Asynclitism? (Post parietalpresentationprimigravida)Litzmann Obliquity

70. Anterior Asynclitism? Naegle’s Obliquity

71. Fundal dominance islacking and often there isrecessed polarity seen in? Spastic lowersegment

72. In precipitate labor therate of Cx dilatation ismore than? 5 cm/hr

73. In primigravida,engagement takes place? 2/3 weeks beforeterm

74. In primigravida the firststage of labor lasts? 6-18 hours

75. The rate of dilatationphase in multiparas inactive phase? 2 cm/hr


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