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Published on May 27, 2019, 10:18 a.m.

43. DOC for herpes zoster ? Valaciclovir

44. MOA of penicillin ? Inhibit cell wall synthesis

45. DOC for chylamydia trachomatis ? Azithromycin

46. Anti-TB causing gout ? Pyrazinamide

47. Anti-TB combination safer in patient who develops hepatitis while on ATT ? Ethambutol and streptomycin

48. Mechanism by which Acetazolamide lowers intraocular pressure ? Reduced aqueous formation

49. Antidote for dicoumarol poisoning ? Vitamin K

50. Dose of warfarin is managed by ? INR

51. Breast cancer chemotherapeutic agent which may cause osteoporosis ? Letrozole

52. Longest acting beta adrenergic blocker ? Nadolol

53. Treatment of severe cystic acne ? Isotretinoin

54. Drug of choice for trachoma which can be administered as once a day dosing ? Azithromycin

55. Drug contraindicated in glaucoma patient suffering from bronchial asthma ? Timolol

56. First line chemotherapeutic agent for cancer cervix ? Cisplatin

57. Drug of choice for dermatitis herpetiformis ? Dapsone

58. Drug of choice for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia ? Adenosine

59. NPH is which type of insulin ? Intermediate acting

60. Oral agent for treating scabies ? Ivermectin

61. Route of administration of vitamin B12 in severe Megaloblastic anemia ? I/ M

62. DOC for filariasis ? 

1. DEC

2. Ivermectin

63. Disulfiram acts by competitive inhibition of which enzyme ? Aldehyde dehydrogenase

64. Sildenafil acts by blocking which enzyme ? Phospho-di-esterase 5

65. Aspirin acts by inhibiting the production of ? Thromboxane

66. Insulin lispro is acting insulin ? Rapid

67. DOC for tetanus ? Doxycycline

68. DOC for meningitis due to listeria ? Ampicillin

69. Cyclophosphamide belongs to which group ? Alkylating agent

70. DOC for CML ? Imatinib mesylate

71. MOA of aspirin ? Inhibits thromboxane A2 formation

72. Dose of INH in infants ? 5 mg/ kg orally QID

73. Which hormone controls prolactinemia ? Dopamine

74. Protein which prevents absorption of biotin ? Avidin

75. MOA of methotrexate ? Inhibits dihydrofolate reductase

76. DOC for ADHD ? Methylphenidate

77. Which drug causes grey baby syndrome ? Chloramphenico

78. Reverse transcriptase inhibitors are used for managing which infection ? HIV

79. Which antihypertensive agent is contraindicated in pregnancy ? ACE inhibitors

80. Mechanism of action of ethanol in methyl alcohol poisoning is by competitively inhibiting which enzyme ? Alcohol dehydrogenase

81. Enzyme needed for conversion of norepinephrine to epinephrine ? Phenyl-ethanol-amine-N-methyl-transferase

82. Drug of choice for scabies ?  Permethrin

83. Antipsychotic drug having LEAST extrapyramidal symptoms ? Clozapine

84. Mechanism of action of fusion inhibitor drug ? CCR5 inhibitor

85. Nevirapine belongs to ? NNRTI

86. DOC for gonorrhoea ? Ceftriaxone

87. Highly ionized drugs are mainly excreted by ? Kidneys

88. Hemolytic uremic syndrome can be a side effect of which anticancer drug ? Mitomycin

89. Drug used to treat akathisia ? Propranolol

90. Most emetogenic anticancer drug ? Cisplatin

91. Most widely used anticancer drug ? Cisplatin

92. Most common side effect of inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate ? Oropharyngeal candidiasis

93. NRTI having maximum tendency to cause peripheral neuropathy ? Stavudine

94. Management of choice for scorpion bite ? Anti-venin

95. Best way to manage a patient presenting with aspirin poisoning ? Make urine alkaline with NaHC03

96. Mechanism of action of statins?  Inhibition of HMG CoA reducatse

97. Oral hypoglycemic agent of choice in obese patients ? Metformin

98. Define pharmacovigilance ? Monitoring adverse effects of drugs

99. 100% bioavailability is seen with which route of administration ? Intravenous

100. Longest acting neuromuscular blocking agent ? Doxacuronium (90-120 minutes)

101. Drug used in primary gout ? Colchicines, NSAID *

102. Mechanism of action of botulinum toxin ? Presynaptic inhibition of release of acetylcholine

103. Drugs used in Alzheimers disease ? Rivastigmine, Donepezil

104. Mechanism of action of diazepam ? GABA facilitator'

105. Mechanism of action of digitalis ?

106. Define bioavailability ? After oral administration, the fraction of drug reaching the systemic circulation in unchanged form

107. Mechanism of action of cyclosporine ? Inhibits interleukin-2

108. Which ATT is microsomal inducer drug ? Rifampin

109. Site of action of thiazide diuretics ? Distal convoluted tubules

110. Sildenafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor is used for ? Erectile dysfunction

111. Urinary retention is rare with ipratropium bromide because ? Poor absorption from lungs and GIT

112. Bioavailability by intravenous route ? 100%

113. Which drug acts by decreasing phospho-di-esterae IV/ PDE-4 activity: ? Aminophylline

114. Bizarre effect of drugs is included in which class of adverse effects of drugs ? Class B

115. For massive reduction in filariasis, which drug is given along with DEC ? Albendazole

116. Which anti-malarial is contraindicated in pregnancy ? Primaquine

117. Heparin toxicity is assesed by ? aPTT

118. Mechanism of action of botulinum toxin ? Inhibition of release of acetylcholine at neuromuscular junction

119. ATT which can be given in renal failure ? INH

120. Drug of choice for hyperthyroidism in pregnancy ? Propylthiouracil

121. What is the common side-effects of giving intrathecal opioid ? Itching

122. Use of nilotinib ? Preferred drug for Imatinib resistant CML

1. Commonest circumstance of Hanging? suicide

2. In judicial hanging, fracture and dislocation of vertebra involves? Commonly C3 and C4, rarely C2 and C3

3. Sure sign of ante mortem hanging is? Dribbling of saliva at the angle of mouth

4. LYNCHING is a form of? Homicidal hanging

5. MUGGING is strangulation by compressing throat with? Foot, knee or bend of elbow etc.

6. BANSDOLA is a form of  asphyxial death in which? Bamboo or lathi is used to compress the throat of victim to death.

7. SIX PENNY BRUISES? Bruises found in neck due to finger tips in throttling

8. Overlying is a form of death in children due to? Accidental smothering by their mothers

9. Ligature force require to block the? Jugular veins – 2 kg Carotid artery – 3.5 kg Trachea – 15 kg Cerebral arteries /Vertebral arteries 16.6 to30 Kg

10. In partial hanging the pressure required to occlude the blood vessels of neck, carotid arteries? 3.5 kg

11. Mode of death in drowning in fresh water? Haemodilution, ventricular fibrillation circulatory overload

12. Amount of reduced Hb required clinically to develop cyanosis? 5gnm%

13. Mode of death due to drowning in salt water? Pulmonary oedema

14. Death occurs early in? Fresh water drowning, due to haemodilution, haemolysis and increased levels of potassium, with resultant circulatory overload with cardiac arrhythmia.(Ventricular fibrillation

15. Fatal period in typical drowning? 5 minutes

16. Secondary drowning refers to deaths after? 20 minutes to 4 days of drowning (due to ARDS)

17. Diagnostic sign of drowning is? Fine white leathery tenacious froth at mouth and nostrils

18. Washerwoman’s skin is found in? Drowning (antemortem)

19. Paltauf’s haemorrhages are found in? Drowning

20. Most reliable proof of drowning is? Diatoms test

21. Diatoms in drowning are found in? Brain, Liver, Bone Marrow

22. Emphysema aqueosum is seen in? Drowning (antemortem)

23. Commonest cause of death in SCUBA diving? Drowning

24. Aseptic bone necrosis in SCUBA diving occurs in? Neck of femur Humerus Upper end of tibia

25. The atmospheric pressure increases by 1 atm. For? Every 10 meters increase in underwater depth

26. Nitrogen narcosis can occur at a depth of? 30 metres of seawater

27. Pulmonary barotrauma occurs during? Rapid ascent

28. Healing by first intention is completed by? 7 day

29. Healing by first intention on the face occurs within? 3 – 5 days

30. WBCs in a gaping wound are found within? 12 hours

31. Haematoma in a fracture is formed by? 1st  – 3rd day

32. The scar of a wound becomes tough within? 6months

33. Fibrous scar in wound is formed in? 3 – 4 weeks34. The bone ends in fracture glue together in? One week

34. Ossification in a callus starts by? 14th day

35. Primary callus formation at a fracture site occurs by? 3rd – 14th day

36. If a tooth is knocked out, the socket cavity fills up within? 7 – 10 days

37. Bleeding after knocking a tooth out usually stops within? 24 hours

38. Calcium deposition in fracture of skull occurs in? 14days

39. Commonest site for contusion and laceration of brain? Under surface of frontal lobe, tips of temporal or frontal lobes

40. Commonest site for?  Upper and subdural haemorrhage posterior aspect of cerebral hemisphere

41. Commonest cause of  subdural haemorrhage? Rupture of duralvenous sinuses

42. Contre coup injuries are a result of? Shearing stresses in the brain

43. Stunning is type of? Concussion of the brain (concussion cerebri)

44. Retrograde amnesia is a feature of? Concussion of the brain

45. Extradural haemorrhages are commonly caused by rupture of? Middle meningeal artery of the sylvian point

46. Extradural haemorrhages are associated with fracture of? Temporal orparietal area

47. Rupture of spleen is usual at? Concave or inner surface

48. Full thickness skin is lost in case of scald injuries with temperature of water? > C?70

49. Wart like growths in finger nails is caused by? Burns from X-rays

50. Infra red rays cause? Necrosis and toughening of involved tissue

51. Red line of demarcation is absent in? Burns due to chemicals, Electrocution

52. Burns that disappear after death? First degree (Dupuytren’s)

53. Fatal sites of burn injury Genital organs, Head Face, Lower abdomen

54. Delayed deaths due to burns occur within? First week

55. Pugilistic attitude occurs due to? Coagulation of albumin

56. Curling's ulcers in burn patients are found in? First part of the duodenum

57. Vesicles in postmortem burns contain? air

58. Drugs producing schizophrenia like syndrome are? d-LSD

59. Gjessing’s variety of catatonia occurs due to disturbance of? Nitrogen metabolism

60. Commonest type of psychosis in chronic alcoholism is? Delirium tremens

61. Epilepsy associated with automatism? Psychomotor epilepsy

62. Holograph Will? Written by the testator in his own handwriting

63. Maximum period of detention in case of insane person with permission of magistrate? 30 days

64. Most common illness giving rise to murder or suicide? Depression

65. Illegal detention of lunatics is punished under? Section – 93 of Indian Lunacy Act

66. Testamentary capacity means that the mental capacity to make a valid will? He must be major, must be of sound disposing mind

67. Pyromania? An impulse to set valuable things on fire

68. Kleptomania? An irresistible desire to steal articles of little or no value

69. Mutilomania? Irresistible desire to hurt or torture animals (especially pets)

70. Dipsomania? Inability to stay off alcohol

71. Trichotillomania? Irresistible urge to pull out one’s own hair

72.     Indian lunacy act? 1912

73. The Mental Health Act 1987 came into effect is? April, 1993

74. Usual sites of rupture in stomach due to trauma is at? Pyloric end, greater curvature of stomach

75. Blow on epigastric region causes sudden death by? Reflex action through solar plexus


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