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61. MacConkey agar is which type of media ? Differential

62. Which E. coli is responsible for fever and diarrhea in a child ? EPEC

63. Widal test is which type of reaction ? Agglutination test

64. Drum stick appearance is shown by ? Costridium tetani

65. Human papilloma virus is which type of virus ?  DNA

66. Anchovy sauce pus/ chocolate brown pus is clinical feature of which type of abscess ? Amoebic liver abscess

67. MC cause of pneumatocoele ? Staphylococcus aureus

68. Which compound is energy store of a cell ? Adenosine triphosphate

69. Which organism causes Fournier gangrene ? E. coli

70. Which organism causes chronic burrowing ulcer ? Microaerophilic streptococci

71. Gram stain is which type of staining ? Differential

72. What is the purpose of adding Agar to Broth medium ? To make the medium solid

73. Bubonic plague most commonly involves which part of body ?  Lymph node

74. Staining done for AFB smear preparation ?  Ziehl Neelsen stain

75. Neisseria meningitides is ? Gram negative, diplococcic

76. Lyme disease is caused by ? Borrelia burgdorferi

77. Weil Felix reaction is which type of reaction ? Tube agglutination

78. Vomiting within 4 hours of consumption of milk indicates infection with ? Staphylococcus aureus

79. Method for rapid identification of Candida ? Germ tube method

80. Intracytoplasmic and intranuclear inclusion bodies are seen in which virus ? Measles

81. Mode of sterilization of liquid paraffin ? Hot air oven

82. Infection with which organism will show air crescent sign on chest X-ray ? Aspergillus

83. Calymmatobacterium is Gram ? Negative

84. Epidemic typhus is transmitted by ? Louse

85. Which is the first antibody produced by newborn ?  IgM

86. Salmonella which can produce prolonged septicaemia ? Salmonella cholerae suis

87. Tapeworm resides mainly in ?  Ileum and jejunum

88. Draughtsman appearance of colonies is suggestive of ? Pneumococcus

89. Leptospirosis is caused by urine of ? Rat

90. MC site of angioedema ? Lips

91. Kerion is caused by ? Fungus

92. Agglutination test for typhoid is performed in which week of infection ? 2nd

93. Intermediate host for rabies ? Dogs

94. Which fungal infection can commonly cause corneal ulcer ? Aspergillus

95. In filariasis, which stage of microfilaria are seen in peripheral blood ? Early adenolymphangitis stage

96. Jarisch Herxheimer/ JH reaction is commonly seen in which stage of syphilis ? Secondary syphilis

97. Myocarditis can be caused by which parasite ? Trichinella spiralis

98. Which organism causes hemolytic uremic syndrome ? E. coli

99. Efficiency of hot air oven is best checked by which bacteria ? Bacillus subtilis

100. Prions are best destroyed by ? Autoclaving at 134 degree

101. Groove sign is seen in ? Lymphogranuloma venerum

102. 10% KOH mount is used for visualizing ? Candida (fungus)

103. Culture media for Corynebacterium diphtheria ? Tellurite media & Loefflers serum slope

104. LJ medium is used for ? Mycobacterium TB

105. Stationary phase of bacterial growth is characterized by ? Sporulation

106. Action of diphtheria toxin ? Inhibition of protein synthesis

107. Type of inclusion bodies in rabies ? Intracytoplasmic (Negri bodies)

108. Cigar bundle appearance is suggestive of ? Mycobacterium leprae

109. Bacteriophage is a ? Virus

110. Intermediate host in echinococcus ? Humans

111. Legionella causes which type of fever ? Pontiac fever

112. Type of motility of proteus ? Swarming

113. Plasmodium malariae preferentially affects which type of RBCs ? Old

114. Rotavirus infection can be treated by ? Saline infusion

115. In a post-influenza patient, secondary bacterial pneumonia is caused by which bacteria ? Staph.aureus

116. Australia antigen is related to ? Hepatitis B virus

117. Hepatitis C virus is a type of ? RNA virus

118. Coxsackie virus causes ? Hand foot mouth disease

119. Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting within 6 hours of food intake is caused by ? Staphylococcus aureus

120. Food poisoning within 6 hours of rice ingestion ? Bacillus cereus

121. Motility of listeria ?  Tumbling

122. Most common organism causing infection after splenectomy ? Pneumococcus

123. Microscopic feature of coccidioidomycoses ? Mature spherules in sputum

124. India ink preparation is done to visualize capsule of ? Cryptococcus

125. Ionizing radiation is used for ?  Cold sterilization

126. Vibrio cholerae appearance in stained films of mucus flakes ? Fish in stream

127. Test done for listeria ? Anton test

128. Quellung reaction is for detection of capsule of ? Pneumococcus188.

1. Pasteurization (Holder/Flash Method)? Milk

2. Inspissation? E.g. Serum / Egg media Loeffler’s serum slope, L-J medium.

3. MOIST HEAT > C Autoclave? Most culture media, rubber material, gloves linen etc.100

4. FILTRATION? Sera, sugars, Antibiotic solutions. Toxins, Hydatid fluid, purification of water.

5. Ionising radiations E.g. Gamma Rays,  X-rays, cosmic rays? Sterilization of disposable items like swabs, plastic syringes, culture plates, cannulae and catheters etc.

6. Non-ionising   radiations Infrared and ultraviolet radiations? Rapid mass sterilization of syringes and catheters.

7. Thermocouple? Brown’s tubes, Autoclave tapes

8. Chemical indicator? Brown’s tubes, Autoclave tapes

9. Autoclave Hot air oven? Geobacillus stearothermophilus

10. Ethylene oxide? Nontoxigenic C.tetani

11. Ethylene oxide?  Spores B. subtilis

12. Common indicator of faecal pollution of water? Escherichia coli, Streptococcus fecalis and Clostridium perfringens.

13. BACTERIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF MILK Viable count? Methylene blue

14. BACTERIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF MILK Coliform count? Phosphatase test

15. BACTERIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF MILK Chemical tests? Turbidity test

16. Obligate aerobe? Eg. Pseudomonas.

17. Microaerophilic organism? Eg. Campylobacter

18. Obligate anaerobe? Eg. Clostridium tetani

19. Capnophilic bacteria? Require higher level of CO2 Eg. Brucella

20 RCM – Saccharolyticorganisms– Proteolytic? 1) Turn meat pink,2) Turn meat black

21. Swarming prevented byadding? 6% agar, 1:500chloral hydrate, Naazide,alcohol,boric acid.

22. Most intestinal strains? Do not possess K antigens

23. Most common type of ‘K’ Ag? L Type

24. Toxin production controlledby? Plasmids

25. KLEBSIELLA AND PROTEUS Important features of Klebsiella? Nonmotile, capsulated

26. Non lactose fermenting klebsiella? K. ozaenae K. rhinoscleromatis

27. Important features of Proteus? Pleomorphism

28. Reference centre for phage typing of Staphylococci in India? Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

 lactamase production,  controlled by transducible plasmid29. Penicillin resistance in staphylococcus is due to?

30. Vancomycin intermediate S. aureus? Lack of or inaccessibility of certain penicillin – binding proteins due to mecA gene – intrinsic chromosomal mechanism

31. Staphylococcus saprophyticus differs from Staphylococcus epidermidis by resistance to? Novobiocin

32. Nonmotile strains used in Weil Felix test? 0 X 2, 0 X 19 and 0 X K

33. Confirmatory test for Proteus? Production of phenyl pyruvic acid

34. Vibrio cholerae was discovered by? Koch

35. Infundibuliform or Napiform Liquifaction in gelatin stab culture is found in? Vibrio cholera

36. Classical cholera Vibrio is? Voges Proskauer (V-P) negative and non-haemolytic.

37. Cholera toxin is an enterotoxin? It acts through cAMP pathway

38. Selective media for Vibrio cholera? TCBS – thiosulphate, citrate, bile salts and sucrose

39. Cholera vaccine now usedcontains? 8000 millions / ml. of Vibrio cholera composed of equal  number of Ogawa and Inaba serotypes

40. Red leg disease in frog is caused by? Aeromonas  hydrophila

41. Optimum pH for growth of Vibrio cholera? 8.2

42. Transport media for cholera? (i) VR medium (ii) Alkaline peptone water

43. Which condition predisposes to cholera? Achlorhydria

44. Cholera Vibrio possessboth? Exotoxin & Endotoxin

45. Special high salt blood selective agar used in halophilic Vibrios? Wagatsuma agar

46. Sanarelli-schwartzman reaction is observed in? Experimental cholera

47. CAMPYLOBACTER Selective medium for campylobacter? Skirrow’s medium Butzler’s medium

48. CAMPYLOBACTER Transport medium? Cary Blair medium

49. CAMPYLOBACTER Thermophilic campylobacter? C. jejuni, C. coli, C. lardi

50. Staphylococcal food poisoning begins? 2-6 hour after ingestion. Preformed, heat stable toxin

51. Pathogenic staphylococci are? Coagulase positive & mannitol fermenting

 C,52. QUICK FACTS Bence Jones Protein abnormal antibody? Coagulate at 50

C,53. QUICK FACTS Bence Jones Protein abnormal antibody? Redissolve at 70

54. QUICK FACTS Cold antibodies? IgM, complete

55. QUICK FACTS Rheumatoid factor? IgM against IgG (Fc)

56. ADENOVIRUSESPharyngoconjunctivalfever is caused byadenovirus type? 3, 7 & 17

57. ADENOVIRUSESAcute haemorrhagiccystitis is caused byadenovirus types? 11 and 21

58 ADENOVIRUSESDiarrhoea in children iscaused by? Adenovirus types -40, 41

59. Complement? Coined by Ehrlich. Augments (complements) action of antibody. Constitutes 10-15% of total serum globulins.

60. Pathways of activation? Classical

61. Cell wall of fungus have? Chitin & mannose

62. Cytoplasmic membrane of fungi have? Sterols

63. CYTOMEGALOVIRUS/HHV-5 Cytomegalic inclusion diseases?Microcephaly

64.CYTOMEGALOVIRUS/HHV-5 Cytomegalic inclusion diseases?Chorioretinitis

64.CYTOMEGALOVIRUS/HHV-5 Cytomegalic inclusion diseases?Cerebralcalcification

66.CYTOMEGALOVIRUS/HHV-5 Cell line for culture? Human fibroblastcell line

67.ADENOVIRUSESAdenovirus capsid has252 capsomeres? 240 are hexons and12 are pentons

68.ADENOVIRUSESEpidemickeratoconjunctivitis iscaused by? Type 8, 19, 37Adenovirusassociated withcontaminatedophthalmicsolutions and rollertowels

69.ArbovirusesVector of KFD? Haemaphysalis

70.ArbovirusesReservoir host in KFD? Spinigera

71.ArbovirusesAmplifier host in KFD? Small forest

72.ArbovirusesReservoir host in JE? Mammals

73.ArbovirusesAmplifier host in JE? MonkeyHeronsPig

74.Largest viruses belong to? Pox group (300 nm)

75.Smallest virus is? Parvovirus (appro-ximately 20 nm)


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