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Published on May 22, 2019, 10 a.m.

41 Longitudinal ulcers in GIT are seen in ? Typhoid

42. Skip lesions are seen in ? Crohn's disease

43. Hepatitis having worst prognosis in pregnancy ? HEV

44. MC cause of nephrotic syndrome in children ? Minimal Change Disease

45. Psammoma bodies are seen in ? Papillary Ca of thyroid

46 Hypersegmented neutrophils are seen in ? Megaloblastiic anemia

47. Malignant cells of Hodgkins disease ? Reed Sternberg cells

48. MC bilateral tumour of breast ? Lobular

49. Acrodermatitis enteropathica is seen in deficiency of ? Zinc

50. Micro Munro abscesses is seen in ? Psorasis

5'r. Negri bodies are found in which part of CNS ? Hippocampus

52. Mode of inheriiance of sickle cell anemia ? Autosomal recessive

53. Characteristic feature of kidney in Diabetes mellitus ? Diffuse glomeruIosclerosis

54. Psammoma bodies are seen in which tumour of thyroid ? Papillary

55. MC type of glomerulonephritis seen in HIV nephropathy ? Focal segmental GN

56. MC type of Hodgkin's lymphoma ? Nodular sclerosis

q7 Storage form of iron is ? Ferritin

58 Treatment of asymptomatic HIV is started when the CD4 count falls below ? 350

59. Causative agent of Hodgkin's lymphoma ? Epstein Barr virus

60. MC site of GIT lymphoma ? Stomach

61. Type of casts seen in pyelonephritis ? WBC cast

62 47 XXY karyotype suggest ? Kinefelters syndrome

63. BRCA1 is located on which chromosome ? 17

64. Functiono f Bcl ? lnhibitor of apopfosis

65. lnternally controlled, programmed celt death is known as ? Apoptosis

bb. Marker for Langerhans cells ? CD1

67. lnterleukin associated with asthma ? IL-4 & lL-3

68. Oil red O is used for staining ? Fat

69. HLA associated with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis ? HLA-B27

70. Most radiosensitive tumours ? Ewings sarcoma, Seminoma

71. % of formalin used for histopathoiogieal preservative ? 10%

72. MC cause of death in a diabetic paiient ? Cardiac (silent Ml)

73 Food of animal origin is good source of which vitamin?  B12

74. Post-translational modification of collagen requires which vitamin ? Vitamin C

75. Patch test is which type of hypersensitivity ? Type lV

76. Steven Johnson syndrome is which type of hypersensitivity reaction ? Type lV

77. Type of stroma seen in medullary carcinoma of thyroid ? Amyloid

78. lgE is involved in which type of hypersensitivity reaction ? Type I

79. 47XXY karyotype suggest ? Klinefelter syndrome

80. Anal cancer is caused by which virus ? Human papilloma virus

8'1. X-ray feature of sickle cell anemia ? Crew-cut hair appearance

82. Kimmelsteil Wllson nodule is associated with ? Diabetic nephropathy

83. Type of necrosis seen in lung abscess ? Liquefactive/ Colliquative

84. Coombs test in SLE associated hemolytic anemia ? Positive

85. Oat cell tumour is related to which gene ? L-myc

86. Defect in fibrillin '1 protein is a feature of ? Martan syndrome

87 lnhyeritance of Duchenne muscular dystrophy ? X-linked recessive

88. ln rheumatic heart disease, what is the most common cause of death ? Heart failure

89. Which complement brings about opsonization? C3b

90. Apart from liver, fatty change is also noticed in? Kidney

1. Rx of choice for angular conjunctivitis? Zn Oxide

2. Coloboma of the lid is commnest in? Medial half of the upper lid (Typical coloboma)

3. Typical Coloboma of the iris appears in the? lower part (inferior nasal quadrant)

4. Corynebacteria are? Normal commensals of the conjunctival sac

5. Distichiasis is? An extra row of lashes (congenital)

6. Can penetrate intact cornea? Gonococcus, L. monocytogenes, C. diphtheria, H. aegypticus

7. Ulcer serpens is most often caused by? Pneumococcus

8. Microcornea? Shallow A.C; angle closure glaucoma

9. Megalocornea? Diameter > 13 mm (> 12 mm in neonate)

10.Keratoconus? (Ultrasonic pachymetry oebscan II corneal topography)

11.Satellite lesions are seen in keratitis due to? Aspergillus

12.Fascicular ulcer is seen in? Mooren’s ulcer

13.Pseudohypopyon is seen in? Mycotic infection

14.Rx of choice for central dense leucoma of 5 mm is? Penetrating keratoplasty

15.In keratoconus seen is? Thinning of cornea

16.Corneal sensation is decreased in? Viral ulcer

17.Scleritis differs from episcleritis in that? It is more severe, more painful, associated with collagen vascular diseases.

18.Nourishment of cornea? Atmospheric oxygen & from superficial plexus formed by episcleral branches of anterior ciliary arteries

19.Inflammatory neurofising seliritis? Autoimmune diseases like SLE, PAN, wegerers, relapsing polychondritis

20.Non-inflammatory ___crofising schritis? Scleromalaeria

21.Perforans? Middle age of females with rheumatoid arthritis.

22.Posterior scleritis? T sign on ultrasound B scan

23.Descemet’s membrane? Type IV collagen (True basement membrane)

24.Bowman’s membrane? Type I collagen (Not a true basement membrane)

25.Ophthalmia nodosa? conjunctivitis due to irritation of hair of caterpillars.

26.Commonest cyst of conjunctiva_______? Lymphatic cyst

27.Orange skin cornea results from_______? Mustard gas

28.Normal optic cup diameter to optic disc diameter ratio? 0.3 : 1

29.Most common field defect in chronic simple glaucoma? Baring of blind spot (Also, the earliest, but not specific for glaucoma)

30.Most common field defect in chronic simple glaucoma? (General reduction in sensitivity of the fields)

31.Best prophylaxis in fellow eye of narrow angle glaucoma is? Laser iridotomy

32.Frequent change of presbyopic glasses? Open angle glaucoma

33.Slight damage? Small and round pores

34.Mod damage? Oval pores

35.Severe? Slit like pores

36.Optic cup? Has no neural tissue size related to size of optic nerve head normally of 3types  Dimple – small central cup - Punched out Sloping temporal wall

37.Cup Disc ratio? Genetically determined  Larger the area of the disc larger the cup : disc ratio, normally about 0.3 Only 2% > 0.7 (physiological)

38.Asymmetry between cup? disc ratio of more than 0.2?suspect pathology.

39.Normal rim? Uniform width & colour

40.Gaussian curve with a skew to the right IOP? 11-21 mm Hg

42.Angle of anterior chamber is studied with? Gonioscopy

43.Drug of choice for acute iridocyclitis? Atropine

44.Mid dilated, fixed pupils are seen in? Acute congestive glaucoma

45.Essential (gyrate) atrophy of choroid is due to inborn error of metabolism of? Ornithine (hyperornithinamia)

46.Photopsia is seen in? Choroiditis

47.Mutton fat precipitates are seen in? Granulomatous iridocyclitis

48.Pupil in acute attack of anterior uveitis is? Constricted & sluggish reacting

49.Rx of choice for acute attack of angle closure glaucoma is? Pilocarpine

50.Ganciclovir treatment in CMV Retinitis MOA? Inhibition of DNA polymerase CD4 unit < 50/ML

51.Ganciclovir treatment in CMV Retinitis Application? Intravenous, intra vitreal

52.Ganciclovir treatment in CMV Retinitis Response?  70:80% initial improvement 40:50% subsequent relapse

53.Ganciclovir treatment in CMV Retinitis Side effects? Myelosuppression

54.Ganciclovir treatment in CMV Retinitis Initial treatment?  5 mg/kg b.w twice daily (15:30 days)

55.Ganciclovir treatment in CMV Retinitis Subsequent treatment? 6 mg/kg b.w five times weekly or 10mg/kg b.w three times weekly

56.Best method of demonstrating F.B. on cornea? Fluorescein staining

57.Treatment for fragment of aniline pencil in eye? Glycerine drops (solvent of aniline)

58.Sclera – Superonasal quadrant most commonly.Rupture of globe? Usually 3 mm behind corneal margin starting at canal of Schlemm

59.M.C. iris injury following contusion? Ruptures in papillary margin

60.Iridodialysis ? D shaped pupil due to tearing away of iris from ciliary attachment

61.Lens? Early Rosette < 2years, loose

62.62Gaussian curve with a skew to the right IOP? 7.8 % of population > 40 years of age have an IOP > 21 mm Hg

63.Ocular hypertension? IOP > 21 mm Hg on 2 consecutive visits No field defects or optic disc changes 1% develop glaucoma every year

64.Corticosteroid responsiveness? Can begin by 24 hours of starting steroids. Dislocation? Late Rosette > 2years, compact


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