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51. Tumours of which skull bone can involve cranial nerve 3rd, 4th and 1st branch ? Sphenoid bone

of 5th

52. Embryo is upto what gestational age ? 8th week of fertilization

53. Aortic hiatus pierces diaphragm at which vertebral level ? T12 .

54. Cranial nerve which supplies muscles of palate ?  5th

55. Safety muscle of tongue ? Genioglossus

56. Vessels in umbilical cord ? 2 arteries and 1 vein

57. Artery present in anatomical snuff box Radial artery ~

58. Extent of adult larynx C3 to C6

59. Left testicular vein drains into Left renal vein

60. Nerve supply of cricothyroid External laryngeal nerve

61 . Most common congenital anomaly Cleft lip and cleft palate both

62. Testosterone (in males) is secreted by which cells Leydig cells

63. Brunner's gland are seen in Duodenum

64. Brunner's gland of the duodenum secretes Mucinus alkaline

65. Number of ossification centres for the hyoid bone 6

66. Isthmus of thyroid gland lies across which tracheal rings 2nd-4th .

67. Length of trachea 10cm

68. Arterial supply of parathyroid gland Inferior thyroid artery

69. Which cranial nerve decussate within the brain 4th

70. MC carpal bone to fracture Scaphoid

71. Which branches of lumbar plexus suppTies urinary bladder L1 andL2

72. Ptosis is because of paralysis of which cranial nerve 3rd

73. At what stage of an embryonic development does an embryo normally begins Blastocyst

to implant

74. Muscle which forms the medial wall of anatomical snuff box Extensor pollicis longus

75. Dermatome of umbilicus T10

76. Winging of scapula is because of damag~ to which nerve Long thoracic nerve

77. Auricle of ear develops from which branchial arch 1st and 2nd

78. Which cranial nerve has got the longest intn=1cranial course 4th

79. Pointing index finger is because of injury to which nerve Median

80. Lining of Gallbladder Brush border columnar

81. MC position of appendix p Retrocaecal

82. Location of gustatory cortex in brain Inferior parietal gyrus

83. Which nerve pierces thyroid gland Recurrent laryngeal nerve

84. Trigone of urinary bladder develops from Mesoderm

85. MC site of lodgment of foreign body in esophagus Cricopharynx

86. Which nerve carries afferents of cremasteric reflex Genitofemoral nerve

87. Germ cells develops from Yolk sac

88. Chief cells are present in which part of stomach Fundus

89. Chief extensor of knee joint Quadriceps femoris

90. Positive Trendelenburg test indicates injury to which nerve Superior gluteal

91. Which bone forms the medial wall of orbit Frontal process of maxilla

92. Ape thumb deformity is because of injury to which nerve Median

93. Which bone contributes maximally in the formation of floor of orbit Maxillary

94. Infection in angular vein may cause thrombosis of which sinus Cavernous

95. Average weight of spleen in adult 7ounce

96. Fibres present in left sided spinal lemniscus system are for Right pain, touch and temperature

97. Vertebral level of hyoid bone C3

98. Cranial nerve which helps in lateral and downward gaze 4th

99. Length of male urethra 20cm

100. Bone devoid of any muscular attachments Talus

1. Structures related to ala of sacrum from lateral to medial side? obturator nerve, ilio lumbar artery, lumbosacral trunk, sympathetic trunk.

2. Linea semilunaris crosses the costal margin at? Tip of ninth costal cartilage

3. External oblique abdominis takes origin from? Lower eight ribs.

4. Posterior wall of rectus sheath is devoid of muscular aponeuroses below the level of? Anterior superior iliac spine

5. Posterior? Posterior wall is deficient below the arcuate line and above the costal margin

6. Contents of rectus sheath are? Lower six thoracic nerves, epigastric vessels,, lymphatics superior & inferior epigastric arteries, pyramidalis muscle, rectus abdominis

7. Visceroptosis is a condition in which the lower part of abdomen protrudes forwards due to? Weakness of the lower abdominal wall

8. Ligamentum teres hepatis represents the? Obliterated umbilical vein of fetus

9. Median umbilical ligament is the remains of? Embryonic allantois (Fetal urachus)

10. Lateral umbilical ligaments are remnants of? Obliterated umbilical arteries

11. INGUINAL CANAL Lacunar ligament extends from medial end of inguinal ligament to? Pectineal line on superior ramus of pubis

12. Conjoint tendon is formed by fibres of? Internal oblique and transversus abdominis.

13. Strongest wall of the inguinal canal is? The posterior wall opposite the superficial inguinal ring

14. The only structures in females that pass through the entire inguinal canal? Round ligament of uterus, lymph vessels

15. Most common form of hernia? Indirect inguinal hernia

16. Indirect inguinal hernia is more common on the? Right side

17. Cremaster muscle is derived from? Internal oblique muscle

18. Structure which hooks around inferior epigastric artery? Spermatic cord in males. Round ligament of uterus in females

19. Superior epigastric artery is branch of? Internal thoracic

20. Cremasteric artery is a branch of? Inferior epigastric artery

21. Cremaster muscle is supplied by? Genital branch of genito femoral nerve L2

22. Largest cavity in the body? Peritoneal cavity

23. Most rapid route of absorption of peritoneal fluid? From under the diaphragm

24. Abdominal policeman refers to? The greater omentum

25. The number of duodenal fossae and paracolic gutters? Four each

26. Omental bursa was formerly called as? Lesser sac

27. Parietal peritoneum in the pelvis is mainly supplied by? Obturator nerve

28. Artery of abdominal foregut refers to? Celiac artery

29. Largest branch of celiac artery is? Splenic artery

30. Number of short gastric branches of splenic artery? 4 to 6

31. Lower 1/3rd of oesophagus : oesophageal tributaries into the left gastric vein join? Portal vein

32. Most tubular part of stomach? Pylorus

33. Circular fibres of stomach are concentrated at? Pylorus

34. Longitudinal muscle fibers in the wall of stomach are most abundant at? Curvatures of stomach

35. Innermost muscle coat of stomach is formed by? Oblique fibres

36. Steerhorn stomach is a normal variant found in? In short obese persons

37. J shaped stomach is found in? Tall thin persons

38. The ligament containing the splenic vein? Lienorenal ligament

39. Motor supply to gastric musculature is from? Parasympathetic vagal fibres

40. Motor fibres to pyloric sphincter is from? Sympathetic system

41. Effect of vagal fibers on pyloric sphincter? Inhibitory

42. Hepatic branch from vagus is given by the? Left (anterior) vagus

43. Celiac branch of vagus is from? Right vagus

44. Length of duodenum is? 10 inches (12 finger breadths)

45. Ligament of Treitz connects the duodeno-jejunal junction to? Right crus of diaphragm

46. The artery eroded in case of duodenal ulcer of posterior wall? Gastroduodenal artery

47. The main gastric branch of posterior trunk? Nerve of Latarjet

48. The separate branch to the fundus of stomach from posterior vagal trunk is? Nerve of Grassi

49. LIVER AND BILIARY TRACT Ligamentum teres hepatis is found within the? Falciform ligament

50. LIVER AND BILIARY TRACT Most important support of liver is? Hepatic veins joining IVC


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