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Published on May 13, 2019, 12:21 p.m.

1. Superior and inferior radioulnar joints are an example of ? Pivot joint

2. Nerve supply of platysma?  Facial nerve

3. Salivary gland, NOT supplied by facial nerve?  Parotid

4. All palatal muscles are supplied by cranial accessory nerve through pharyngeal plexus EXCEPT ? Tensor veli palatini

5. Azygos vein passes through?  Aortic hiatus

6. Source of bleeding in extradural hemorrhage ? Middle Meningeal artery

7. Haversian canal is a histological feature of ? Compact bone/cortex

8. Uterine artery is a branch of ? Anterior division of Iliac artery

9. 1st polar body is extruded at the time of ? Ovulation

10. Meckel's diverticulum is a remnant of ? Vitellointestinal duct

11. Structure derived from all the three germ layers ? Tympanic membrane/ear drum

12. Stapes develop from ? 2nd pharyngeal arch

13. Safety muscle of tongue ? Genioglossus

14. Taste sensation from anterior 2/3rd of tongue is carried by ? Chorda tympani

15. Epithelial lining of tonsil ? Stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium

16. Peritoneal cavity is lined by ? Simple squamous epithelium

17. Intercalated disc is a histological feature of ? Cardiac muscle

18. Erb's point is ? C5, C6

19. Injury to lower trunk of brachia! plexus is known as ? Klumpke's palsy

20. Adductor pollicis is supplied by ? Ulnar nerve

21. Teres minor and deltoid muscle are supplied by ? Axillary nerve

22: Nerve supply of gluteus maximus ? Inferior gluteal nerve

23. Ligament preventing hyperextension at the hip joint?  Ilioiemoral ligament/Ligamnet of Bigelow

24. Inversion and aversion occurs at ? Subtalar joint

25. Joint between epiphysis and diaphysis is ? Primary cartilaginous

26. Vessels in umbilical cord ? 2 arteries and 1 vein (right vein disappears, left

vein is LEFT)

27. Ligamentum arteriosum is derived from ? Ductus arteriosus

28. Artery present in anatomical snuff box ?  Radial artery

29. Sperm are stored in ? Epididymis

30. Hassal's corpuscles is seen in ? Thymus

31. Peyer's patches are present in ?  Ileum

32. Nerve supply to hypothenar muscle is from ? Ulnar nerve

33. Nerve passing deep to flexor retinaculum at wrist ? Median nerve

34. Nerve related to spiral groove of humerus ? Radial nerve

35. Azygos veins drain into ? Superior Vena Cava

36. Housemaids knee is inflammation of ? Prepatel/ar bursa

37. Superficial inguinal ring is a defect in the ? External oblique aponeurosis

38. Left testicular vein drains into ? Left renal vein

39. Left gastro-epiploic artery is a branch of ? Splenic artery

40. MC position of appendix ? Retrocaecal ·

41 . Nasolacrimal duct opens into ? Inferior meatus

42. Parasympathetic secretomotor fibres to submandibular gland is through ? Facial nerve

43. Opening of parotid duct ? Opposite upper 2nd molar

44. Abductor of vocal cord ? Posterior cricoarytenoid

45. In adults spinal cord ends at the lower border of ?  L 1 vertebra (in children, it is at lower border of L3)

46. Muscle supplied by spinal part of accessory nerve ? Sternocleidomastid and trapezius

47. Unlocking of knee is done by ? Popliteus

48. Type of cartilage in auricle of ear ?Elastic

49. Nerve supply of superior oblique muscle ? Trochlear

50. Muscle producing abduction, intorsion and depression of eyeball ? Superior Oblique

51.    Posterior intercostal veins (except upper) drain into? Azygos or hemiazygos veins

52.    Anterior intercostal veins drain into? Internal thoracic and musculophrenic veins

53.    The second intercostal nerve joins medial cutaneous nerve of arm by a branch called? Intercostobrachial nerve

54.    The neurovascular bundle of the thoracic wall lies in between? Middle and innermost layers of muscles

55.    Intercostal nerve enters the intercostal space by lying between? Parietal pleura and posterior intercostal membrane.

56.    The first branch of an intercostal nerve is? Rami communicans

57.    First intercorsal nerve lacks? Anterior cutaneous nerve

58.    Vein which arches over root of right lung? Azygos vein

59.    Levatorcostarum muscle is supplied by? Posterior rami of thoracic spinal nerve

60.    Smallest part of sternum? Xiphoid process

61.    Elevation and depression movements of clavicle take place in the? Lateral compartment of sternoclavicular joint

62.    Thoracic origin of Trapezius muscle is from? Thoracic spinous process Supraspinous ligaments of thoracic vertebra

63.    Sensory supply to Trapezius is from? C3 and C4 (Ventral Rami)

64.    The subcapsularis muscle is inserted on? Lesser tubercle of humerus and the front of the articular capsule   

65.    Rhomboideus major muscle takes origin from? T2 - T5 spines and their supra spinous ligaments

66.    Rhomboideus muscles are supplied by? Dorsal scapular nerve

67.    Pectoralis minor muscle takes origin from? 3rd, 4th and 5th ribs and from the fascia adjoining intercostals

68.    Nerve supply of pectoralis minor is from? Both pectoral nerves (C5 to T1)

69.    Nerve to subclavius is a branch from? Upper trunk of brachial plexus (C5, C6)

70.    Accessory phrenic nerve originates from? Nerve to subclavius

71.    The serratus anterior originates from? Anterior angle of ribs

72.    Major part of serratus anterior muscle is inserted into? Inferior angle of scapula

73.    The ligament mostly responsible for suspending scapula and upper limb from clavicle? Coracoclavicular ligament   

74.    Nerve to teres minor contains? Pseudoganglion

75.    Commonest tendon to rupture? Supraspinatus


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