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113. In Nalgonda technique, order of addition of alum & lime ? Alum is added after lime

114. Accidents happening at weekends is which type of trend ? Cyclic

115. Chandler index is employed for which parasite ? Hookworm

116. Time interval between infection of host to appearance of symptom ? Generation time

117. Sensitivity indicates ? True positive

118. Which year is considered as ‘great divide year’ after which the added

population exceeded that of previous decade ? 1921

119. At which phase of clinical trial, one should take the permission from drug

Controller ? III

120. Sputum positive TB patients should be isolated for how many weeks ? 4

121. Mental Health Programme was started in year ?  1987

122. Trace elements is what % of body weight ? 0.01

123. Blindness rate in India, due to refractive errors ? 19.7

124. Disaster management day is celebrated on ? 2nd week of October

125. What should be done first during a massive disaster ? Search & rescue, first aid

126. Category 7 of biomedical waste management is which type of waste ? Solid

127. Requirement of iron in pregnancy (in mgs) ? 1000

128. Lead interval is defined as ? Time period between detection of disease through screening test & its clinical symptom

129. Quarantine is defined as ? Limitation of freedom of movement of well person or animals till incubation period of disease

130. Primary health care is defined as ? A health care system which is acceptable to everyone (whether the service is needed at all in relation to essential human needs) can be accessible to everyone, available to everyone as first level of health care and the cost can be afforded by everyone

131. General fertility rate is defined as ?  Annual number of live births per 1000 married women during reproductive age

132. Daily protein requirement ? 1 gram/ day

133. Define pandemic ? Disease seen all over the world

134. Procedure by which participants are allocated into groups called ‘study’

and ‘control’ ? Randomization

135. Fist referral unit ? Community health centre

136. Toxin responsible for epidemic dropsy ? Sanguinarine

137. Reverse smoking cause which carcinoma ? Ca of hard palate

138. pap smear is an example of ? Early diagnosis & treatment

139. Iron supplementation is an example of ? Specific protection

140. Component of IFA tablets ? 100 mg elemental iron + 500 microgram folic acid

141. Range value of Human Developmental Index ? 0-1

142. ICD-10 has how many volumes ? 3 (total chapter 21)

143. Define infectivity ? Ability of an organism to invade and multiply in a


144. Define latent period ? Period from disease initiation to disease detection

145. Define primary case ? First case in a community

146. A disease recurs every 10 years. Such trend is known as ? Secular trend

147. Define double blind study ? Neither the patient nor the doctor are aware of group

allocation and the treatment received

148. Best level of prevention for preventing emergence of risk factors ? Primordial

149. Age of woman in eligible couples ? 15-49 years

150. Human anatomical waste is disposed off in which colour bag ? Yellow

151. Failures per 100 women years of exposure is defined as ? Pearl index

152. Number of beds in Special Newborn Care Unit in a District hospital ? 16

153. If couple protection rate is 60, one can expect a net reproduction rate of ? 1

154. Relative risk is calculated from ? Cohort study

155. Secondary attack rate is defined as ? Some people develops after exposure from a primary case

156. Iron and Folic acid requirement for 6-10 year age group ?  20 mg elemental iron and 100 microgram folic acid

157. Safflower oil is ? Richest source of linoleic acid

158. Strain used for BCG vaccine ? Danish 1331

159. Odds ratio is calculated from which type of studies ? Case-control studies

160. Calories in 100 ml breast milk ? 60-65 KCal

161. What is the first role of a medical officer in case of epidemic ? Confirm epidemic, whether exists in real

162. pap smear is which level of prevention ? Secondary (early diagnosis)

163. Vitamin B12 requirement in pregnancy ? 1.2 microgram

164. Number of girls born to a woman during her lifetime assuming mortality

is known as ? Net reproduction rate

165. Population covered by 1 pharmacist and 1 laboratory technician ? 10,000

166. OCP for lactating mother ? Minipill (progesterone only pill)

167. Formula for calculating accidental pregnancy rate ? Total accidental pregnancies X 1200/ Total months of exposure

168. Colour of kit used for managing inguinal bubo ? Black (Number 7)

169. Soyabean is ? Plant source of highest protein

170. Energy yield from egg ? 70

171. Example of Cohort study ? Framingham Heart study

172. Example of common source, continuous exposure type of epidemic ? A milk man supplying milk to many villages and residents from these villages develops typhoid simultaneously

173. Male with moderate activity. Calories required ?  2730 KCal/ day

174. Use of Kata thermometer ? Assessment of air cooling and air velocity

175. Demographic stage IV is defined as ? Birth rate reduced and death rate reduced

176. Reduced Osmolality ORS, total osmolarity is ? 245 mmol/ L

177. IQ in mild mental retardation ? 50-70

178. Pearl index for Pomeroy’s method ? 0.4

179. During lactation, iron required is ? 20 mg/day

180. What can be calculated from case-control studies ? Odds ratio (ad/ be)

181. Multipurpose Health Worker scheme was recommended by ? Kartar Singh committee

182. Which study is good for studying rare diseases ? Case-control studies

183. Yellow color of kit used in RTI/ STI is numbered as ? 6 (for managing lower abdominal pain/ PID)

184. Female with sedentary activity. Calories required ? 1900 KCal/day

185. SAFE strategy is used for ?  Trachoma

1. MC cause of malignant otitis externa ? Pseudomonas aeruginosa

2. Hyperacusis is prevented by ? Stapedius

3. Eustachian tube develops from ? 1st pharyngeal pouch

4. Angular acceleration is judged by ? Semicircular canals

5. Surgical procedure for serous otitis media ? Myringotomy with Grommet tube insertion

6. MC complication of CSOM ? Mastoiditis

7. Bezoids abscess lies in relation to ? Sternocleidomastoid muscle

8. Paracusis willisi is a feature of ?  Otosclerosis

9. Audiometric finding of otosclerosis ? Carhartfs notch at 2 MHz

10. Triad of deafness, vertigo and tinnitus is suggestive of ? Meniere’s disease

11. MC involved structure in acoustic neuroma ? Superior vestibular nerve

12. Sinus opening in spheno-ethmoid recess ? Sphenoid sinus

13. Mikulicz cells are seen in ? Rhinoscleroma

14. Apple jelly nodules on nasal septum is seen in ? Lupus vulgaris

15. CSF rhinorrhoea is seen in fracture of ? Fracture cribriform plate of ethmoid bone

16. MC site of epistaxis ? Little’s area/ Keisselbach’s plexus

17. MC cause of epistaxis in children ? Trauma

18. MC site of nasopharyngeal carcinoma ? Fossa of Rossenmuller/ Lateral wall of nasopharynx

19. MC causative agent of quinsy ? Streptococcus pneumoniae

20. Nerve supply of cricothyroid ? External laryngeal nerve

21. Epithelial lining of vocal cords ? Stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium

22. Nerve supply of posterior Cricoarytenoid ? recurrent laryngeal nerve

23. MC cause of stridor of newborn ? Laryngomalacia

24. Management of laryngomalacia ? ReassuranceJ Wait and watch

25. Virus causing nasopharyngeal carcinoma ? Epstein Barr virus

26. Ramsay Hunt syndrome involves which cranial nerve ? Facial

27. Malignancy is MC in ? Maxillary sinus

28. Pneumatocoeles are MC due to ? Staphylococcal aureus

29. Earliest nerve involved in acoustic neuroma ? Cranial nerve V

30. Glue ear is also knonwn as ? Secretory otitis media

31. IOC for acoustic neuroma is ? Gadolinium enhanced MRI

32. Mucocoele is MC in ? Frontal sinus

33. IOC for angiofibroma ? Contrast enhanced CT scan

34. Drug used to progression of otosclerosis ? Sodium flouride

35. Periodicity is a feature of ? Frontal sinusitis

36. Muscle which reduces the amplitude of oscillation of the stapes ?Stapedius

37. In lower motor type of facial nerve palsy, pattern of involvement of facial

Muscles ? Half of the face on same side

38. In upper motor type of facial nerve palsy, pattern of involvement of facial

Muscles ? Opposite side, lower half; forehead spared

39. Ear glaucoma is also known as  ? Meniere’s disease

40. Eustachian tube opens into ? Nasopharynx

41. Otosclerosis has predilection for ? Stapes

42. Rhinoscleroma is caused by ? Klebsiella rhinoscleromatis

43. Saddle nose deformity is seen in ? Congenital syphilis, leprosy, trauma

44. Rhinosporodium is caused by ? Rhinosporodium seeberi

45. Pott’s puffy tumour results due to ? Chronic frontal sinusitis

46. MC type of nasopharyngeal carcinoma ? Squamous

47. MC presentation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma ? Neck mass/ enlarged lymph nodes of neck

48. Heimlich manoeuvre is done for ? Expulsion of foreign body from respiratory tract

49. Caloric test assess ? Vestibular function

50. Killians dehiscence is also known as ? Gateway of tears

51. Adenoidectomy with Grommet insertion is the treatment of choice for ? Serous otitis media in children

52. Earliest and consistent symptom of glomus tumour ? Tinnitus

53. Myringitis bullosa is caused by ? Virus

54. Schwartz’s sign is seen in ? Otosclerosis

55. Referred pain in the ear is commonly from carcinoma of ? Tongue

56. Young’s operation is done for ? Atrophic rhinitis

57. Site of opening of sphenoid sinus ? Spheno-ethmoid recess/ supreme meatus

58. Bezold abscess lie in relation to which muscle ? Sternocleidomastoid

59. Site of opening of nasolacrimal duct ? Inferior meatus of nose

60. Mallampatti grading is done to assess ? Oral cavity before intubation

61. Mikulicz cells and Russel bodies are microscopic feature of ? Rhinoscleroma

62. On audiogram, Carharts notch (in otosclerosis) is a dip at how many Hz ? 2000

63. MC presentation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma ?  Parotid

65. Sellick’s manoeuvre is done to prevent ? Gastric aspriration

66. Stylopharyngeus muscle is supplied by ? Glossopharyngeal nerve

67. Likely diagnosis of a patient who presented with big nasal cavity, thick crust

formation and woody hard external nose ?  Rhinoscleroma

68. Most prominent symptom of acoustic neuroma ? Sensorineural hearing loss

69. Which cranial nerves are involved in Gradenigo’s syndrome ? 5th and 6th

70. Omega shaped epiglottis is seen in ? Laryngomalacia

71. Thumb sign on lateral X-ray is seen in ? Acute epiglottitis

72. Causative agent of malignant otitis externa ? Bacteria (Pseudomonas)

73. Malignant otitis externa commonly involves which nerve ? 7th

74. MC type of hearing loss in TB otitis media ? Conductive

75. Which ear ossicle is affected earliest in otitis media ? Long process incus

76. Recruitment test is a feature of ? Meniere’s disease

77. Caloric test is stimulates which inner ear structure ? Semicircular canal

78. Function of cochlea ? Hearing

79. Length of external auditory canal ? 2.5 cm

80. MC frequency of tuning fork used in clinical practice ? 512 Hz

81. Status of lymph node/ lymphatic involvement in early glottic carcinoma ? No involvement

82. Caloric test is stimulates which inner ear structure ? Semicircular canal

83. Function of cochlea ? Hearing

84. Length of external auditory canal ? 2.5 cm

85. MC frequency of tuning fork used in clinical practice ? 512 Hz

86. Status of lymph node/ lymphatic involvement in early glottic carcinoma ? No involvement


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