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61. Hypothyroidism is associated with deficiency of which trace metal ? Iodine

62. Japanese encephalitis vaccine is which type ? Live attenuated

63. Population covered by CHC ? 1,00,000

64. Maximum permissible dose of radiation exposure for general human beings

(per person/year) ? 5 rad

65. Infectivity period of chicken pox ? 2 days before rash & 5 days after rash

66. Efficacy of yellow fever vaccination lasts from ? 10 days of vaccination to 10 years

67. Failure rate of Pomeroy’s technique of sterilization ? 0.4%

68. In pregnancy, prophylactic Iron & Folic acid content according to RCH

Programme? 100 mg elemental iron + 500 microgram folic acid

69. Desk provided with table to prevent neck pain is which level of prevention ? Primary (specific prevention)

70. Schedule for post exposure prophylaxis of rabies vaccine in an immunized

Person ? 0,3,7 days

71. XDR (extensive drug resistance) in TB treatment means ? Resistance to INH + Rifampin + 1 fluorquinolone + 1 of the 2nd line injectables (amongst kanamycin, amikacin and capreomycin)

72. Antioxidant vitamins are ? A, C, E

73. Which type of pneumoconiosis is associated with mesothelioma ? Asbestosis

74. Asbestosis is associated with cancers of ? Lung

75. National Rural Health Mission was established in ? 2005

76. Deficiency of which vitamin causes pellagra ? Niacin

77. Multipurpose health worker serve a population of ? 5000

78. Xerophthalmia is a public health problem if the incidence of Bitots spots

is more than ? 0.5%

79. Number of live birth per 1000 women of reproductive age group is known as ? General fertility rate

80. Nausea, vomiting, blue line on gums, wrist/ foot drop, pallor & abdominal

colic suggests which poisoning ? Inorganic leadPrev

81. Immunization comes under which level of prevention ? Primary (specific protection)

82. Screening for cervical cancer comes under which level of prevention ? Secondary (early diagnosis)

83. Amount of calories & proteins provided by mid-day meal respectively ? 1/3, 1/2

84. Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is a late complication of ? Measles

85. Prevalence of TB in a community is estimated by which test ? Tuberculin

86. Diagnosis of TB in India is based on which test ? Sputum smear microscopy

87. BMI for obesity ? >30

88. Chandlers index is calculated as ? Number of hookworm eggs/ gram of stool

89. ICDS includes beneficiary children upto what age ? 6 years

90. Which test is used to differentiate mycobacterium TB from mycobacterium

Leprae ? Culture

91. A village was affected with epidemic of cholera. What is the first step which

should be taken to decrease the mortality from cholera ? Safe water supply & sanitation

92. Toxin of epidemic dropsy ? Sanguinarine

93. Main disinfecting action in chlorination of water is due to ? HOCI (Hypochlorous acid)

94. If a patient is put on psychotherapy, this is which level of prevention ? Secondary (treatment)

95. Strain of varicella zoster vaccine ? Oka

96. Measuring of blood pressure is which level of prevention ? Secondary (early diagnosis)

97. Mechanism of action of combined OCP ? Prevent release of ovum from ovary

98. Methionine is a limiting amino acid in which food grain ?  Pulses

99. Tracking of BP means ? BP of hypotensive remain hypotensive

90. Baby Friendly Hospital initiative was launched in the year ? 1991

91. Intermediate host for Rabies is ? Dog

92. Who is known as father of Medicine ? Hippocrates

93. IQ level value in severe mental retardation ? 21-34

94. Best time (with respect to menstrual cycle) to screen for breast carcinoma

by BSE (breast self examination) ? Just after menstruation

95. Leptospirosis is transmitted by ? Infected rat urine

96. OCP are protective against which cancer ? Ovarian & endometrial

97. Richest source of vitamin D ? Halibut liver oil

98. Single dose drug treatment recommended for trachoma control in India ? Azithromycin

99. According to Integrated Management of Neonatal & Childhood Illness/

IMNCI, color used in triage for home management ? Green

100. Father of epidemiology ? John snow

102. Vaccination is which level of prevention ? Primary (specific protection)

103. Sharp wastes are disposed in which color bag ? Blue

104. Most essential fatty acid ? Linoleic acid

105. First case which comes to the knowledge of investigator ? Index case

106. Physiologically most active form of vitamin D is ? Cholecalciferol

107. Phase IV of clinical trial is ? Post marketing surveillance

108. ASHA works at which level ? Village

109. Toxoids are prepared from which toxin ? Exotoxin

110. Route of transmission of pneumonic plague ? Inhalation

111. Maximum recommended number of students in a classroom ? 40

112. Registration of birth should be done within how many days ? 21 days

1. Drugs used for prevention of recurrent Furunculosis / nasal carriage state? 2% Mupirocin twice a day to nares of pt & family members every 4th week

2. Drugs used for prevention of recurrent Furunculosis / nasal carriage state? Rifampicin 600 mg/d + Dicloxacillin ? 10 d for MSSA

3. Drugs used for prevention of recurrent Furunculosis / nasal carriage state? Trimethoprim sulphamethoxa-zole 10 days for MRSA

4. Drugs used for prevention of recurrent Furunculosis / nasal carriage state? Low dose clindamycin 150  mg/d ? 3months

5. BARBER’S ITCH is usually on (Sycosisvulgaris)? Upper lip, near nose

6. Pyomyositis is most commonly caused by? Staph aureus

7. Most common site for pyomyositis? Thigh

8. Ecthyma gangrenosum is caused by? Pseudomonas aeruginosa

9. The cutaneous lesion of scarlet fever begins from? Neck

10. PASTIA’S LINES? Linear petechial lesions found in scarlet fever in antecubital and axillary folds

11. Scarlet fever? Caused by erythrogenic exotoxin producing group A streptococci

12. Desert sore/Veldt sore is a superficial ulcer caused by?  Corynebacterium diphtheria

13. Tropical Ulcer or Malabar ulcer is caused by? Fusobacterium & Borrelia Vincenti

14. GAS GANGRENE is caused by (clostridial myonecrosis)? Cl. Perfringens, Cl. oedematiens, Cl. septicum, Cl. Histolyticum

15. MELENEY’s GANGRENE is caused by? Peptostreptococcus and Staph aureus or enterobacteriaceae

16. Meleney’s Gangrene is? Postoperative bacterial gangrene or progressive bacterial synergistic gangrene

17. Purpura fulminans is mostly associated with? Consumption coagulopathy which causes thrombosis of vessels following severe infections as septicaemia, Meningococcemia

18. Vibrio causing cutaneous infection? V. vulnificus

19. Rose spots of salmonellosis occur mostly on? Trunk between umbilicus and nipples

20. Carrion’s Disease/Oroya fever/Bartonellosis is caused by? Bartonella bacilliformis

21. Characteristic feature of Carrion’s disease? Cherry red nodules

22. Plague is caused by? Yersinia pestis

23. Most effective drug in plague? Streptomycin

24. HAVER – HILL FEVER is caused by? Streptobacillus moniliformis

25. DEERFLY FEVER is other name of? Tularemia

26. Majority of tularemia cases are? Ulceroglandular type

27. Weil’s Disease/Leptospirosi s/pretibial Fever is caused by? Leptospira icterohaemorrhagica

28. Eaton agent refers to? Mycoplasma pneumonia

29. Most frequent cutaneous manifestation of mycoplasma pneumoniae infection is? Erythema multiforme

30. Dermatologic emergency? Erysipelas

31. Periporitis? Multiple sweat gland abscesses

32. Hypopyon sign? Seen in impetigo contagiosa

33. Fungal infections Superficial? Tinea versicolor Peidra Tinea Nigra

34. Fungal infections Superficial? Cutaneous Onychomycosis Tinea capitis Tinea Corporis Tinea cruris Tinea pedis Candidiasis of skin, mucosa, & nails.

35. Fungal infections Systemic? North American Blastomycosis. Cryptococcosis. Systemic candidiasis. Histoplasmosis Coccidiodomycosis Blastomycosis Aspergillosis.

36. Hairs in tinea capitis break off at? 3 weeks

37. Wood’s lamp is made up of? Nickel oxide with 9% Barium silicate containing glass. It allows UVL – of 365 nm to pass through it

38. An immediate trichophyton reaction is seen against? T. rubrum

39. Delayed tuberculin type reaction? Acute kerion and dermatophytid

40. Pseudo diaper rash is caused by? C. albicans

41. In sporotrichosis multiple nodules appear along the? Lymphatics channels

42. GI LCHRIST’S DISEASE refers to? North American blastomycosis caused by Blastomyces Dermatidis

43. LOBOMYCOSIS is the other name of caused by loboa lobi? Keloidal blastomycosis

44. Cryptococcosis? Skin lesions are like molluscum contagiosum

45. Cryptococci can be stained with? Mucicarmine, Alcian blue, methylene blue, and India ink

46. Treatment of Cryptococcosis is? Amphotericin – B

47. Treatment of systemic candidiasis is? Amphotericin – B alone or with 5- fluocytosine (Ketoconazole is not useful as it is fungistatic) or Fluconazole orally

48. RAY FUNGUS refers to? Actinomycetes

49. LUMPY JAW is found in? Cervicofacial actinomycosis

50. Most common site for GI tract actinomycosis is? Caecum and appendix

51. Diagnosis of actinomycosis is done by Treatment of choice? Examination of sulfur granules in lesion Penicillin

52. Most common Nocardia causing human infection? N. asteroids

53. No cardiosis begins as infection of? Lungs

54. Eumycetomas are cause by the true fungi? Madurella, Cephalosporium, Pseudoallescheria

55. Actinomycotic mycetoma is caused by aerobic actinomycetes? Nocardia, streptomyces and Actinomadura

56. Causative organism of Rhinosporidiosis? Rhinosporidium seeberi

57. In rhinosporidiosis, we see? Papillomas with white flecks. (which are sporangia). Involves nasal mucosa

58. Treatment of Piedra? Topical Benzoic acid, salicylic acid

59. P. ovale implicated in? Seborrhoeic dermatitis

60. P. ovale implicated in? Malassezia folliculitis

61. P. ovale implicated in? Obstructive dacrocystitis

62. P. ovale implicated in? Confluent & Reticulate papillomatosis

63. Darling’s disease? Histoplasmosis fever, cough, pleuritic, pain characterize the disease

64. Most diagnostic procedure in leprosy? Skin smear

65. Bacilli are plenty in smears taken from? LL type

66. Lepromin test is positive in? TT Type

67. Epithelioid cells are more in? TT Type

68. Histiocytes are most numerous in? LL Type

69. Most effective drug for type 2 lepra reaction is? Thalidomide (for type 1 –prednisolone)

70. Nerve Abscess? MC seen in ulnarn. Trunk

71. If ass. tenderness & impaired function? Corticosteroids is the treatment

72. Satellite lesions are seen in? Borderline Tuberculoid Leprosy

73. ‘PEARL’ like opacities in cornea are found in? Lepromatous leprosy

74. Bacilli in leprosy are most abundant in? Ear lobules

75. Foam cells of VIRCHOW/LEPRA CELLS are found in? Lepromatous leprosy

76 ‘Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica’ an interdigital infection by C. albicans mostly involving? 3rd space of hand and 4th space of foot

77. Sporotrichosis is caused by? Sporothrix schenkii


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