DMA's SPM MCQ's PG Q&A SET - 2 09-DEC-17
Published on Dec. 9, 2017, 6:14 p.m.

Q.1)       Direct standardization is used to compare the mortality rates between two countries. This is done because ofthe difference in?

a) Cause of death

b) Denominators

c) Age distributions

d) Numerators

Q.2)       Using a new technique, Hb was estimated is a blood sample. The test was repeated for l0 times. The reports were 9.5, 9.2, 9.4, 9.6, 9.j, 9.9, 10.3, 10.5 , 12.1 . Accurate value of Hb was estimated by standard tests to be 10.2. the new technique has :

a) High validity and high reliability

b) low validity and low reliability

c) High validity and low reliability

d) low validity and high reliability

Q.3)       In a study in LrK, an association was found between sale of antiarrlhemic drug and an increase in deaths due to asthma) This is an example of :

a) Ecological study

b) Cohort study

c) Case reference study

d) Experimental study

Q.4)       Socialization of medicine leads to all of the following except

a) Ensure complete utilization of services by people

b) Free medical care supported by state

c) Eliminates the competition among physicians in search of client

d) Ensures social equity, universal coverage of health services

Q.5)       In AFP surveillance, re-evaluation of post polio residual paralysis is done at:

 a) 30 days

b) 60 days

c) 9Odays

d) 120 days

Q.6)       Bias is eliminated by all except:

 a) Matching

b) Bilinding

c) Randomization

d) Multivariate analysis

Q.7)       In a population there were 4050 birth in the last year. There were 50 still births. 50 infants died within the first 7days. Another 150 died within the first 28 days. What is the neonatal mortality rate:

a) 50

 b) 62.5

 c) t2.s

d) 49.4

Q.8)       Common for both acute and chronic malnutrition:

a) Weight for height 

b) Weight for age

c) Height for age

d) BMI

Q.9)       True about Indian reference man is :

 a) Weight -65 kg

b) Age 20-39 years

c) Work is mainly sedentary

d) Works for 10 hours

Q.10)     A study revealed lesser incidence of carcinoma colon is pure vegetarians than non vegetarians by which it was concluded that beta carotene is protective against cancer. This may not be true because the vegetarian subjects may be consuming high fibre diet which is protective against cancer. This is an example of:

 a) Multifactorial association

b) Casual association

c) Confounding factor

d) Common association


Q.1) c

Q.2) B

Q.3) A

Q.4) a

Q.5) b

Q.6) d

Q.7) a

Q.8) b

Q.9) b

Q.10) c



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