ERPM: Compulsory Examination for Registration to Practice Medicine in Sri Lanka (ERPM) / ACT 16 Exams. The purpose of the ERPM examination is to assess whether a candidate can approach medical practice with the appropriate intellectual skills of enquiry, clinical reasoning, critical thinking and decision making; possessing sufficient knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences, and an understanding of the underlying principles of the scientific method and the ability to create a differential diagnosis and rationalize a treatment plan for common clinical situations prevalent in Sri Lanka.

Is the App paid? No its for free till 2021.

What do we provide in "Crack ERPM" web/app?

  1. Aids for theory part: materials prepared for the MCQ part of the exam presented in a succinct QA fashion.
  2. PRACTICE TESTS: ERPM type MCQS with explanations to be practiced 24/7.
  3. Aids for the practical part: All that you need for the Viva.